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Spring can seed fresh opportunities

26 SEP 2019

A change of seasons is the perfect time to clear our minds, declutter our surroundings, plant new seeds and watch them grow.

Changes, like the seasons, are a constant in our lives. Challenges and opportunities at work and in life will continue.

The stories we tell about ourselves play a critical role in our lives. They impact on our responses to people and events, the choices we make and our overall health and wellbeing.

We may be holding onto outdated beliefs and identities that no longer reflect who we are or where we want to be. Those perceptions can become self-fulfilling prophecies.

The way we think and talk about our experiences at work (and in life) can make problems bigger or help us contemplate new possibilities. We can change our narrative at any time to move beyond what is holding us back.

For example, you may be contemplating a new start-up business or changing careers, struggling with a dysfunctional work culture, uncertain about your future direction or preparing for a new life stage.

Doing this on your own can be hard going, or may not work. 

Having the best of intentions to make changes will be short-lived unless you have prepared the soil and done the ground work to shed the old stories holding you back.

Working with a narrative coach, expert in helping you understand and change your story, can provide a safe harbour for helping you unpack your stories, opening up fresh perspectives, and planting the seeds for transformative changes at work and in life.


Mary Somervell