Urban Bus Driver

$20.50 - $22.04 hourly
  • Go Bus Transport Ltd
  • Depots located at Birmingham Drive and Maces Road, Christchurch
  • 14 Oct, 2021
Full time Transport and Logistics

Job Description

Hours of work: Minimum of 40 hours per week and we have part-time or casual driver work available.

Key Tasks - Bus Driving

Key relationships: Bus Drivers, Managers, Workshop Technicians, NZQA, LTNZ, Tranzqual ITO, Training providers, Auditors

Performance Indicators

Attendance. Punctual daily attendance as per the roster and/or school bus route and maintain attendance for the full working day including late nights weekends and special events.

Ready to start at required time each day.

No lateness, no unauthorised days off and works all hours as rostered or required by charter or school bus route.

Appearance. Daily wearing of full uniform appropriately dressed looking neat and tidy. To appear non-threatening, friendly and helpful to passengers, school children and care givers of all ages.

Wears the full correct uniform to Company standards and policy to the satisfaction of the Unit/Depot Manager with no justifiable customer complaints.

Relations in the workplace must at all times be safe, constructive, positive, friendly and helpful, and considerate and safe for others. To constantly promote Health and Safety in the workplace, co-operate with management and be a team player.

All behaviour and work relations are professional as measured by legislation and company policy and procedures covering Health and Safety and professional driver expectations. Always works in a safe manner and promotes health and safety at work.

Cash, Ticket Sales and Module processes and security to be of a constant high standard. Accurate cash deposited daily. Data module and cash correct and secure at all times.

Constant high standard of cash handling and accuracy of ticket sales with no customer complaints. Correct cash handed in or deposited in the money machine daily. Always uses the correct data module and keeps module and cash secure.

Cleanliness of Vehicles. Buses to be kept clean and tidy at all times. Interior rubbish removed and floor swept after each run. Daily washing of bus exterior including passenger windows.

Bus washed as required and at all times the interior kept clean and free from rubbish and mopped daily. As measured by the Company vehicle cleanliness standards and customer survey with no complaints.

Customer Relations and service must at all times be safe, constructive, polite, positive, friendly and helpful. The aim is to serve the customers (Passengers, Councils, Contract Providers, Schools, Ministry of Education, School children etc.) of Go Bus Transport Limited and encourage customer use of the bus services.

Customer Relations and service to be of a constant high standard as measured by customer surveys with no justifiable complaints. Driver complies with all legislation, codes of practice and passenger transport standards and expectations covering passenger rights and safety. Promote the use of bus services.

Routes Knowledge and Reliability. Driver to maintain a thorough, comprehensive knowledge of all Go Bus Transport Ltd service routes and time schedules and always operate the bus to authorised timetable expectations and scheduled routes.

Routes Knowledge and reliability to be of a constant high standard as measured by constant customer monitoring and surveys with no justifiable complaints. No unauthorised route deviations. 

Driving Ability to be in accordance with professional bus and coach operational standards, guaranteed safe for the customers of Go Bus Transport Ltd and all members of the general public. Complete vehicle pre start check sheet daily and defect sheet if required.

Driver holds current all relevant passenger service vehicle licences and medical certificates. (Class 2 or 4 licence and a Passenger Endorsement)

Operate bus to Company standards and policy with no recorded at fault accidents or customer complaints. Sign-off pre-start check sheet daily as required and report all vehicle defects daily.