Rental Property Inspector Auckland

$5,000 - $15,000 yearly
  • Saltark Property Management
  • Remote
  • 27 Feb, 2023
Part time, Contractor Real Estate and Property

Job Description

Residential Rental Property Inspector for 3 monthly Routine Inspections

Annual Contract January to December for an Independent Contractor.

If you have ever owned a rental property you know your insurance company requires 12 weekly inspections, and every owner want to know that their property is clean and cared for, and maintenance is kept up to date, or recognized and planned, short, medium and long term.

If you have ever rented a home you know how precious your home and its contents are to you.  So a critical part of being a Saltark Property Inspector is being able to engage comfortably with people from every walk of life and be respectful.  40% of the time tenants will be home when inspections take place and 60% of the time they will be at work, and all are trusting your honesty and integrity in their private space. 

Date of Inspections are planned with our Property Inspectors one month in advance on dates discussed and agreed to fit all schedules.  Normally  4 - 6 inspections are booked per day and our Saltark Inspectors can select the suburbs they would like to service, or the number of properties they are keen to inspect every 3 months. 

Full training is provided plus a Saltark Inspectors bag with tools of the trade, and a 2 step ladder. 

This position requires a vehicle and working smart phone.  All inspections are done on your cellphone with notes and photographs in our Property Management Inspection App.  When you leave each property you export your Inspection at the push of a button to our office system, and your job is done and the inspection disappears from your phone.

This work is very systematic and structured and we have Standard Procedures detailing how inspections are done, so with our training and a little practice it is quite straight forward.  But you do need an eye for detail, and good solid practical common sense.