Room Attendant, Rydges Rotorua

  • Rydges Rotorua
  • Rotorua, New Zealand
  • 22 Nov, 2019
Part time   Hospitality, Tourism and Travel

Job Description

 Rydges Rotorua is pleased to be listing this position which is suitable for mature workers – if you would like some part-time hotel housekeeping work in Rotorua, this will be an ideal opportunity for you


POSITION:                              ROOM ATTENDANT

RESPONSIBLE TO:                 Executive Housekeeper,  Housekeeping   Supervisors


Responsible for all elements of housekeeping ,.. Hours of work as and when required according to roster.

The following are your specific responsibilities attached to this position. You may be required to work outside these areas.


1. General

Assist the Department Head in achieving the Policy results of the housekeeping department

Pro-active cooperation to achieve determined results and customer satisfaction.

Internal / External Public Relations

Act in a Public Relation role in relation to all internal / external contact.

The creation of a positive image of the Hotel and the provision of customer satisfaction.


Ensure the Safety and Health of all guests/customers and staff in relation to Occupational Health and Safety.

The minimising of health and safety incidents, by hazard identification, process analysis and accident investigation.

Team Participation

Actively participate in the Departmental team process.

Pro-active participation maximising team cohesion and effectiveness.

Personal Presentation

Maintain a high standard of personal presentation.

In accordance with the standards in the Hotel Handbook and House Rules

2. Operational

Servicing Rooms

Servicing of guest rooms in accordance with the days requirements as outlined by the Supervisor

Ensure rooms and all public areas, cleanliness and presentation is up to guests expectations and Hotel standards within the given time frame.


Use the correct linen as required for guest rooms, ensure no wastage

Maintaining a consistent standard of linen in accordance with Hotel systems and procedures

Public Areas

Servicing of public areas as required

To ensure that all areas are clean, tidy and stocked with necessary toiletries

Trolley Maintenance

Complete stocking of all trolleys and equipment at the end of each shift.

Trolleys and equipment ready to go at the beginning of the next shift

Lost Property

Bag and record all relevant information regarding all lost property found

Deliver to Housekeeping that day for appropriate follow up.

Operational Efficiency

In conjunction with the Department Head, maintain policies and procedures that ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation.

The continuous search and establishment of operational efficiencies.

Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance of all equipment - recognising maintenance needs of all equipment.

Consistent correct use of equipment by all staff, minimising repair and replacement Report any necessary equipment maintenance - using the correct procedure.

Hotel Maintenance

Responsibility for the identification, reporting  of all room maintenance requirements to the floor Supervisor.

Recognise and communicate maintenance requirements.

3. Human Resource

Team Communication

Maintain a positive working relationship with all other team members, offering assistance when required

 A smooth working relationship is maintained, and the correct communication channels are used.

Maintaining Hotel Policy Standards

Participate in a pro-active manner.

As per House Rules


Fulfil required shifts as rostered by your Department Head

To be flexible in accordance with Hotel Policy and occupancy levels.