About the Skills Register


If your organisation is looking to fill a position, and this could be an immediate, urgent need, whether it be a full time, part time, need someone to do some casual work, a mentoring role, fill a short-term gap in your company or undertake a project, use our Profile Register of pre-qualified, experienced, work ready job seekers who are available for an immediate start.



Certainly, access to experienced people on a variable employment/contracting basis would be considered favourable to our business model.

Leo Foliaki, Partner, Auckland, PwC New Zealand


How it works for you

  1. Post a job listing (this is your only cost). This gives you full access to the Skills Register.
  2. From your account page, click on Skills Register and proceed to searching our database of immediately available job seekers.
  3. If you are interested, either make immediate contact directly with any suitable candidate and commence the interview process or work through your standard recruitment process.


Employers, this means that if you have an urgent requirement for a particular skill/position, you will be able to fill it immediately.

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Job Seekers


If you are currently work-ready for an immediate start, then make sure your profile includes these two things:

  1. At the bottom of your profile, tick the box that says “Immediately available”
  2. List your skills in the “Skills associated with this profile” section. This will make it easy for employers to find you. If you have recent experience in more than one role, please list them all as there are no restrictions provided you are suitably qualified for these roles.
  3. To see how this works, log in and click “View Skills Register”. You will also be able to search jobs that match your skills.


Job Seekers, we would strongly encourage you to table the job positions that you are interested in on the Skills Register as this will be a valuable instant reference for employers and you.

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