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I am a Senior and have found it challenging to get either full or part-time work in recent years. Like many Seniors, I would like to think that in addition to my personal qualities and attributes, I have certainly built up a good deal of experience and skills over the past 45 years across a number of positions that I have had, nearly all in management.

I also know that had there been a job site like Seniors@work a few years ago, it would have been easier for me to be matched with suitable work opportunities.

As such, this jobsite has been conceptualised by Seniors, with assistance and endorsement from HR and recruitment professionals, for those of us over 50 who are looking for the best possible range of work opportunities.

Feel free to contact us to get in touch.

Our Mission Statement


We are committed to bringing together employers with qualified, experienced workers who happen to be in their 50's and beyond.


Key Features of Seniors@work

  • Job Seeker Guide: Our step by step guide through this website. Learn how to create an online profile, search jobs, and more.
  • Job Seeker Work-Readiness Pack: Advice for older workers including writing a CV, cover letter and job interviews. 15 pages with six topics and our comprehensive questionnaire for our job seekers to complete.
  • Skills Register for Employers and Job Seekers: Fast-track the recruitment process by searching jobs and immediately available profiles by skill.
  • Guaranteed Suitable Work Opportunities: Seniors@work is the only jobsite that posts work opportunities that are guaranteed to be suitable for people over 50.
  • A project, short-term contract or filling an urgent gap: Sign up to find out why Seniors are the ideal candidate to fulfil your workplace needs.

Whether it's a project, piece of work, short-term contract or filling an urgent gap,
— can anyone fulfil this requirement better than a Senior?

This type of work is ideally suited to be filled by a Senior and Seniors@work can connect you to our talent pool of experienced and skilled Seniors.



Check out our Skills Register – register your requirement to fill a particular role and/or see if the register already covers your workplace needs.

Whether full-time or part-time, the reasons for older people seeking work are many and varied. For some, they would love to share their knowledge and experience built up over many years, and this could be a priceless asset for your business.

For many, a few hours a week or a short project is exactly what they are looking for and more than likely, the remuneration they seek will be very attractive to your business.

Seniors will bring flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, leadership, and mentorship – intangibles every business needs that only come with years on the job.

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