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We want to be different yet focus on providing interesting blog material especially for our senior job seekers. Advice for CVs, interviews and more, tailored to you as a Senior is more than covered in our Work Readiness info pack so our Blog doesn’t need to repeat this!

We have three quite different sections – we hope that you enjoy them.


Blog posts

We have various articles promoting the benefits of older workers and their value to the workplace and we will also will invite people and organisations who work with/provide services for people in their 50's and over to submit articles and pieces of interest for our blog.

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Health and Wellbeing

Articles, videos and podcasts covering a range of subjects from experts in these fields.

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With a background in food and hospitality – not a chef(!), Ian enjoys cooking and sharing meals with friends and family. These are a few of the recipes that he particularly enjoys cooking and eating!

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