Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting www.seniorsatwork.nz. By visiting and using the website you agree and accept the following website terms and conditions.



  • To simplify these terms and conditions, the following terms are used:
  • ‘SeniorsAtWork’ means Maxwell Business Solutions Limited trading as SeniorsAtWork
  • ‘Site’ means the website www.seniorsatwork.nz which is owned by SeniorsAtWork
  •  ‘Job Seeker’ means any person using the Site for the purpose of looking for employment
  • ‘Employer’ means any company or organisation using the Site to offer employment to Job Seekers
  • ‘Work Opportunity’ and ‘Work Opportunities’ mean an employment vacancy or vacancies within an Employer’s company or organisation


How the Site Works

The purpose of the Site is to bring Employers and Job Seekers together. Employers, who recognise the benefits of employing mature and senior employees, list Work Opportunities on the Site, along with information about the Work Opportunity and its benefits.  Job Seekers use the Site to look for employment, and upon seeing a Work Opportunity listing which is of interest, apply for the Work Opportunity directly with the Employer and all subsequent interaction between the two parties are on a direct basis.


Employers’ Responsibilities

Employers who list Work Opportunity vacancies on the Site do so on the basis that Job Seekers are generally aged 60+ years.  Employers recognise that Job Seekers of this age group can often have a range of desirable attributes, including a wealth of experience, maturity, stability and loyalty.  Employers undertake to offer Job Seekers employment with remuneration packages similar to younger employees doing the same Work Opportunity.  Employers will ensure all aspects of their employment of Job Seekers is in compliance with the relevant New Zealand employment laws.  Furthermore, the Employer undertakes all information contained in any Work Opportunity it lists on the Site is true and correct, and it has the full power and authority to list the Work Opportunity and offer employment to Job Seekers.  Once a Job Seeker sends the Employer an application for a Work Opportunity listed on the Site, the Employer agrees that all further interaction will be directly with the Job Seeker, including a Work Opportunity offer and employment agreement, and the Site has no further involvement or responsibility with the relationship.


Job Seekers’ Responsibilities

Job Seekers undertake to only apply for Work Opportunities listed on the Site which matches his or her skills and availability to work hours/days that may be contained in the Work Opportunity listing.  Job Seekers will ensure that all information contained in an application for a Work Opportunity is true, correct and a fair description of his or her skills, personal attributions, qualifications and experience.  On application for a Work Opportunity, Job Seekers agree that all further responsibilities in relation to the Work Opportunity remain between them and the Employer.  Job Seekers agree it may be prudent to seek independent advice (professional or otherwise) about a Work Opportunity or Employer and getting this advice is their responsibility and initiative.


SeniorsAtWork’s Responsibilities

SeniorsatWork will use feedback tools to monitor the extent Employers and Job Seekers are meeting their responsibilities as outlined in these terms and conditions.  When feedback indicates an Employer and Job Seeker is not meeting those responsibilities, SeniorsatWork will take appropriate action which may result in deregistration from the Site of the applicable party.  SeniorsAtWork will ensure the functionality of the Site is maintained at all times so that Employers and Job Seekers can use it without interruption except in circumstances caused by a third party e.g. internet or electricity provider outage.  At the time a Job Seeker applies for a Work Opportunity with the Employer, SeniorsAtWork has no further responsibility in the relationship between the Job Seeker and Employer for the listed Work Opportunity and all subsequent interaction will be directly between the two parties.


Intellectual property/copyright and trademarks

All copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property are owned by Maxwell Business Solutions Limited



  • SeniorsatWork offers no guarantees regarding the skills or experience of Job Seekers using the Site to seek work opportunities
  • SeniorsatWork does not guarantee that a job position advertised on the Site will be available should an advertiser have filled the position prior to the removal of the advertised position from the Site
  • Whilst SeniorsatWork endeavours to ensure that positions advertised on the Site are for actual positions, it gives no guarantee that every position which is listed represents an actual vacant position
  • SeniorsatWork has not carried out any interviews with any Job Seekers nor carried out any screening of Job Seekers with regard to their suitability for any position advertised


Governing Law

This Site has been designed for use by residents of New Zealand. The terms in this agreement are governed by the laws of New Zealand.