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The Facts

  • There are more than 1.5 million people in NZ over 50.
  • Our population, and thus the workforce, is getting older. The next generation of older people will live longer, stay healthier, and be more educated. They are much more likely to remain in the workforce – and they want to.
  • There are fewer younger workers coming through.
  • Skills and labour shortages are becoming increasingly acute.



Seniors at Work quietly and consistently strives to keep the door open to employment for mature workers doing a lot of legwork. I would say a 'must follow' for any mature person who wishes to continue working - and are you able to contribute to this worthwhile yet undervalued service? Know of a worthy employer, a job going - this is the place to bring such gems

unsolicited feedback, Susan Sutcliffe, May 2020

Why consider Seniors — benefits for employers

  • We have a chance to successfully manage the workforce now and in the future
  • Just think about it - someone turning 50 can potentially offer an employer 15-20 years of quality work with so much experience, skills and maturity. That's not a bad equation and opportunity is it??
  • Older workers have much to give including their skill sets, experience, knowledge, maturity, reliability and work ethic. They are seen as productive and hard-working, and better in a crisis.
  • Seniors have industry connections accumulated over the course of their careers. These are irreplaceable assets that provide inherent value to employers.
  • They are realistic about pay with expected rates comparable to those between the ages of 25-50 years, and are open to full-time, part-time and contract positions.
  • There are so many benefits to employers in unlocking the potential of our ageing workforce – these include increasing skills, productivity and knowledge in their organisations and in turn, filling skill and labour shortfalls.


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If your organisation is urgently looking to fill a position, search our Profile Register of experienced, work-ready job seekers who are available for an immediate start.




In a labour market where skills shortages are prevalent, the increasing pool of mature workers is too important to be ignored by employers. As our population ages, employers may need to consider employing mature workers.

"Act Now Age Later: Unlocking the potential of our ageing workforce," white paper released June 2018

Why post work opportunities on Seniors@work

  • There is no other dedicated job site in New Zealand which is designed and built to connect you to this talented pool of amazing people.
  • The fact that there are 180,000 Kiwis over 65 already doing some form of work suggests that those over 50 can add real value to the workplace!
  • At Seniors@work, we are committed to helping those in their 50's and over to be as prepared and ready to work as possible. In addition, for employers, we have worked carefully with HR and recruitment professionals to create a jobsite that provides an amazing pool of Seniors set up for success in your organisation.
  • Although we are not integrated with other jobsites like SEEK, we do provide a user-friendly dashboard with essential ATS features such as applicant tracking, resume download, profile search and more.


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Let's make a difference

If you have an upcoming work opportunity or project, small or large, which might be suitable for the knowledge and reliability of the 50 pluses, please consider this jobsite to promote that work opportunity.

Diversity within the workplace - it’s a given that there’s a huge value of having a diverse workforce, and it’s up to leadership and employers to be accepting of having employees that are different in their own way, whether by gender, cultural background, age and lifestyle, and ensuring that businesses really are representing their customer base.

Having older workers is a key component of a diverse workforce.

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When each job seeker registers with Seniors@work, they immediately gain access to our Work Readiness info pack– this incorporates a wealth of advice and tips for our job seekers to assist them in their quest for gaining a new work opportunity. It includes general advice for older workers together with pointers and advice for writing a CV, cover letter and job interviews. There is also a questionnaire that we strongly recommend that our job seekers complete. 

The Work Readiness pack and questionnaire ensure that our job seekers are well prepared to apply for work opportunities.