Seasonal / Short Term / Project

Why / When ?

Short term work requirements are an important, in fact, key component of the employment mix and business needs in New Zealand. There are constant occasions when someone is required for some short term work - this could be for seasonal work needs mainly during the summer and autumn months or throughout the year when businesses might need to fill a gap or need an experienced hand on board, whether it is for a project, short contract, mentoring role, piece of work or simply filling a temporary gap.

With seasonal work, mature aged workers can fill many roles, not necessarily work that requires physical strength/endurance but DOES need good judgement, aptitude and life experience.

For business projects and short term contracts, this type of work is ideally suited to be filled by a mature worker. With 15% of our job seekers experienced in and seeking management work, Seniors@work should be able to assist you in filling this requirement by connecting you with our talented pool of experienced and skilled job seekers.

Simple examples of short term work

  • Seasonal work which could be in the horticulture/agri sectors
  • A few hours a week from an experienced professional
  • A specific project which might last, say six weeks
  • Mentoring role
  • Filling in for someone who could be on maternity leave or out of action for whatever reason

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What seniors can bring 

Whether full-time or part-time, the reasons for older people seeking work are many and varied. For some, they would love to share their knowledge and experience built up over many years, and this could be a priceless asset for your business. For many, a few hours a week or a short project is exactly what they are looking for and more than likely, the remuneration they seek will be very attractive to your business.

Mature experienced workers will bring flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, leadership, and mentorship – intangibles every business needs that only come with years on the job.