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Seniors@work Facts

  • Seniors@work is the only jobsite focusing solely on finding work opportunities for those of us about 55 and over.
  • Seniors@work was founded by a Senior for mature,reliable workers with real life experience, and many organisations we have spoken to have expressed interest in hiring more Seniors via this site.
  • Seniors@work can assist you in finding suitable work opportunities and match your unique set of skills and experience with employers who are looking for those skills.



Looking for work can be a soul-sucking experience regardless of your age. But keep this in mind: maturity is a good thing. You’ve accumulated the experience, skills, and wisdom that only result from having spent many years on earth. You bring a depth and richness to the workplace your younger colleagues have yet to accumulate. And somewhere out there an employer is looking...

Randstad Canada


Seniors@work have touched on something dear to my heart as we are working on attracting and retaining more mature workers.

Nikki Howell, Head of People & Capability, AA Insurance


Work Readiness Package

Upon registering with Seniors@work, you will immediately gain access to our Work Readiness info pack. This incorporates a wealth of advice and tips for you. It includes general advice for older workers together with pointers and advice for writing a CV, covering letter and job interviews. Log in and access the Work Readiness pack through your account. There is also a questionnaire we strongly recommend that you complete which will certainly assist you to be work ready

Workforce Facts

  • New Zealand has the second highest participation rate of workers aged 55-plus in the OECD.
  • An increasing number of Kiwis remain in the workforce past 65 and it is not uncommon to see 70 to 75-plus year olds still working productively.
  • As a population, New Zealand workers are healthier than their parents at the same age and therefore many choose to continue to contribute to society and the workforce.
  • There are around 280,000 New Zealanders over 55 who are currently working.
  • There are many organisations and employers looking for people with skills and experience to join them – just because you might be over 55 doesn’t at all mean that they are not interested in you.


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Upon registering, you will immediately gain access to our skills register. This is a way of fast-tracking the recruitment process and highlighting all available jobs and immediately available profiles. Tailor your profile to enable employers to find you fast.

Click the link below to find out more about how it works.




We have commissioned a non-HR Vector project team to review a strategy for retaining and attracting over 50’s.

Paul McCloskey, Group Manager HR, Vector

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