Ficino School believes in the enormous capacity of every human being.  The word Education comes from a Latin root meaning to draw out but also to train.  At Ficino, we provide an environment that aims to achieve both.

Using mindfulness techniques, our students develop self-discipline and the ability to attend.  A clear set of School values and a structured classroom environment establishes a strong foundation for the years ahead.

At the primary stage of education, it is important to provide a holistic approach to nourish the body, mind and spirit of every child.  Balance is important, and our enriched curriculum builds students’ confidence to engage and speak up, which naturally inspires a love of learning.

23 May, 2022
Part time
$22.00 hourly
Ficino School Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
Ficino School is a small independent school in Mt. Eden with a holistic approach to education. We are looking for an experienced and friendly new team member to help assist and serve the preschool and primary children their lunch. The last 45 mins would be spent supervising the lunchtime play. You will need to be patient, calm and confident around children.  HOURS   Monday to Friday 11:45 a.m. -1:45 p.m.  ROLE DESCRIPTION Assisting with lunch in the Preschool Assisting with lunch in the School Supervising the students in the playground. CORE RESPONSIBILITIES Lunchroom Help the staff get ready for lunch service by preparing food Effectively supervise students in the Preschool and School dining areas Encourage students to eat their food, behave politely and respect others in the dining areas Help students with a variety of tasks, such as cutting up their food and clearing plates Playtime Ensure students keep...