Geotechnics is NZ’s foremost civil engineering testing company. We operate at an international level, serving the geotechnical, environmental and civil engineering industries with a suite of testing and monitoring services, conducted both onsite and in our laboratories. In addition to this, we also supply, hire, service, calibrate and repair civil engineering testing equipment.

The nature of our work requires precision and clarity above all else. That’s why we employ the industry’s sharpest minds, most meticulous methods and state-of-the-art technology, to always produce data that you can rely upon. Our portfolio of work spans a wide range of projects including the Waterview Connection (2012) and the KaikĊura earthquake recovery (2016).

Our accomplished team have unparalleled experience in their field and love nothing more than coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems. When you combine that with our leading health and safety record, it’s no wonder we have one of the highest customer experience ratings in the industry.

At Geotechnics, we’re all about sharing our knowledge to benefit both the industry as a whole, and our customers. We do this with the goal of creating a better, more sustainable world through the excellence of our work and the values we promote in our everyday lives.