Altherm West is part of the APL Aluminium window and door fabrication family.

Privately owned, we specialise in residential and smaller commercial projects (up to 4-5 stories) and are based in Henderson, Auckland.

14 Mar, 2023
Full time Part time
$65,000 - $85,000 yearly
Altherm West Ltd Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand
While we would prefer someone who has experience with APL products and the V6 estimation programme, that is a tall order, so .... Are you numerically capable? Can you learn new software applications quickly? Do you have any understanding of the window and door joinery business? Are you capable of talking with people to understand their needs/requirements? If you have answered YES to all (or most) of the above, we can work together to get you up to speed. Optional capability to work from home periodically when you are trained and capable.