Building the Tourism & Hospitality workforce

Go with Tourism is a government funded initiative that specialises in growing New Zealand's Tourism & Hospitality workforce. It first launched in Auckland in April 2019 and has since expanded nationwide. The team work with jobseekers of all ages, businesses, educators and students to tackle workforce challenges, break down negative career perceptions and welcome new talent to the industry.

Go with Tourism has two key objectives:

1. To connect great talent with quality employers

If you're a jobseeker looking for work - we're here to help!

Go with Tourism offers jobseekers free tools for job search, recruitment and upskilling, as well as a variety of work experience and mentorship programmes to connect with fantastic opportunities.

2. Get Kiwis thinking positively about Tourism & Hospitality

Go with Tourism run a variety of initiatives to promote successful career pathways available in Tourism or Hospitality.

 From our careers expos and education programme, to the information and tools we offer on our site, we can prove how great it can be to work and progress in our industry.