Homersham Ltd. (0800 659 888), a market leader in the provision of industrial instrumentation and engineering products, can be reached by dialling their toll-free number. It is common knowledge that Homershams possesses first-rate technological skills in the field of industrial measurement and process management. This fact has been widely publicized. Products that measure, record, and regulate a number of variables, such as temperature, pressure, flow level, humidity, sound, and pH, are offered for sale as well as serviced by the company.


Customers from all across New Zealand can get assistance from the company's offices in Christchurch, which are conveniently placed there.


Homershams is open for business each and every day of the week, with the exception of weekends and nationally recognized holidays. If you require assistance right now, please go to the page where you can contact us to get in touch with us.


Homersham's is a company that has been of service to New Zealand businesses for more than seven decades, and it is fully owned and operated by people from New Zealand.