Homersham Ltd has been an innovative supplier of commercial and industrial solutions in New Zealand, catering to a wide variety of markets with a wide array of goods. Providing top-notch equipment and outstanding services that enable businesses to run smoothly and efficiently is something we take great pride in as a leading distributor.

There are a variety of thermostats that are perfect for homes and businesses when it comes to managing the temperature. We guarantee maximum comfort and efficiency with our thermostats, whether you're using them for HVAC systems or industrial processes.

Having measurement instruments calibrated regularly is crucial for ensuring their accuracy and dependability. Full calibration services are available in New Zealand from Homersham Ltd., and all of their work is guaranteed to be accurate since they use cutting-edge technology and strictly adhere to international standards.

Our Epoxy glue NZ line is your best bet for tough, dependable bonding jobs. We have long-lasting epoxy adhesives that are perfect for a wide range of substrates and uses, from professional bonding to do-it-yourself renovations.

Many different types of industries rely on flow measurement, and we have flowmeters to meet their demands. Whether you prefer a more conventional mechanical or ultrasonic flow meter, Homersham Ltd has you covered when it comes to precise and dependable gas and liquid flow rate measurement.

A wide variety of systems rely on pressure switches for controlling and monitoring pressure levels. The oil and gas industry, among others, rely on our Pressure switches NZ to keep their employees safe and operations running smoothly.

For a wide range of temperature measuring needs, our digital thermometers provide clear and accurate results. Our thermometers deliver accurate readings, making them ideal for use in factories and other industrial settings where food is stored.

Pressure transmitters, made by Homersham Ltd, are crucial for monitoring and controlling systems because they transform mechanical pressure into an electrical signal. When it matters most, our pressure transmitters will not let you down.

Modern technology allows our ultrasonic flow meters to provide accurate and painless flow measurements without invasive procedures. No digging up pipes is required to get precise readings with our ultrasonic flow meters, making them ideal for use with water, wastewater, and other liquid flows.

With a dedication to offering first-rate goods and services, Homersham Ltd gives New Zealand companies the tools they need to succeed. Quality, dependability, and happy customers are our top priorities as we work to become the go-to business and industrial solution provider nationwide.