Timbertank Enterprises Ltd

Timbertank Enterprises Ltd was conceived by architect Morton Jordan in the early 70's, through a need for a build anywhere, and on any site, alternative water storage system

Timbertanks  build domestic water  tanks and reservoirs for many applications and sectors including, City Councils and fire fighting throughout New Zealand and the Pacific with agents covering New Caledonia, Tahiti, Rarotonga and beyond

Timbertanks are the only wooden water tank company in New Zealand and the pacific, we pride ourselves on innovation in the design/build and manufacture area, tank inspections, relining old leaking  concrete tanks with our liners manufactured on site at Timbertanks, earthquake slosh wave spoiling baffles, bio-digesters for the dairy industry, ROV fire tank inspections and more!

Timbertanks Director, Justin Jordan has had 35 years experience in every aspect of Timbertanks. Justin is joined by his brother Giles Jordan as Project manager

Timbertanks, in  business for over 45 years