Want to work somewhere where you are doing good for the world, your community and yourself at the same time?

If you’ve not heard of Vector, or think that it’s the people who fix the power lines, then you might be surprised at just what else Vector is getting up to. As the name suggests, Vector is a big organisation, employing over 800 people in NZ to not just distribute power across Auckland, butalso gas, fibre, solar, EV charging stations and home ventilation systems. And to make all that happen, we’re working on world leading projects to make sure we adapt to the new reality of changing customer needs and a new
energy future.

Across gas, fibre, and electricity we are transforming the way that Auckland’s critical infrastructure is delivered through high-tech data lead solutions and customer first thinking. It’s an energising place to work because what you do here matters to everyone.

Diversity is a strength throughout the organisation. People accepted and rewarded for expertise from all walks of life - and we have been recognised as such.