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A few decades ago I had a food business which included a catering arm and last year, at the suggestion of our friends, had another stint for six months cooking for busy families and friends, cooking and delivering dinners four nights each week (we created a fun brand “Dinner on your Doorstep” which I used) – it wasn’t big but I would cook for between 6 and 18 each night from our home kitchen.

The recipes are simply for meals that I enjoy cooking for friends and family. I love tasty food so if you do, have a crack and hopefully enjoy. Some of the dishes take a bit of time, a couple are a bit more complex but the intro to each dish will certainly give you a “heads up”.

Plan is for me to add to the list of recipes over time.

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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Health and Wellbeing

Clearly as we get older it is important to look after ourselves as best we can, both mentally and physically. I am no expert, so aside from these introductory comments, I will certainly not be contributing – all that I would state personally is that I try to have a good 60 minute walk 4-5 times each week, enjoy fresh air as much as possible and try to eat in a “healthy” way with reasonable balance of food including fruit and vegetables…seems to work for me!

You can find these as blog posts under the category of "Health and Wellbeing." The contributions will either be from “experts” and professionals whom we have invited to submit useful information for seniors, or pieces we have seen and enjoyed which are on the internet.

We hope that you find them informative and useful.

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