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Mexican pulled pork with a coriander salad, sour cream and tortillas

Mexican pulled pork with a coriander salad, sour cream and tortillas

Very tasty with pork shoulder very slowly cooked with onions, capsicum, spices, herbs, salsa and barbeque sauce. Served with tortillas, a fresh coriander and green salad and sour cream. Tasty as, and a real family favourite

 This dish is so easy and is cooked for 8 hours in a slow-cooker. If you don’t have a slow-cooker, I would strongly recommend that you invest in one – you can get a perfectly good one for around $30 in the likes of a Warehouse or Kmart and they are so easy to use. Get one with min 5 litre capacity so that you can cook larger meals if you want to

 I’ve also cooked and served this pork as sliders with a simple coleslaw – doubled the recipe and it went a long way!



1 -1.2 kgs pork shoulder

2 large capsicums – for this dish, buy the cheapest capsicums you can. Finely chop

2 large onions finely chopped

1 jar mild tomato salsa – use either your local supermarket’s brand or El Paso. Buy medium if you want the dish to be spicier

1 bottle BBQ sauce – I have been using Whitlock’s Smoky BBQ Sauce

3 cloves garlic crushed

3 tsps ground cumin

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp dried oregano

250 mls sour cream

1 packet mixed salad leaves

1 bunch coriander coarsely chopped

1 packet tortillas


Cooking instructions 

  1. Combine capsicums, onions, tomato salsa, BBQ sauce, garlic, spices and oregano in slow-cooker. Add pork and thoroughly coat in the mixture
  2. Cook, covered on “Low” for 8 hours. If I’m home I turn the pork over half way through the cook but don’t worry if you don’t do this.
  3. Taste and season to adjust especially for salt
  4. Carefully remove pork from cooker and shred meat using two forks (it will pull apart very easily). Return pork to cooker, stir gently and warm
  5. Make very basic salad with salad leaves and coriander
  6. Gently heat tortillas
  7. Serve pork in tortillas with salad, sour cream and salsa. If it’s the avocado season, make some guacamole to go with this dish

Serves 4-6