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Roasted vegetables with feta and baby spinach

Roasted vegetables with feta and baby spinach


 So simple, healthy and tasty - the smell of the vegetables roasting together will fill your kitchen and adjoining space teasing your taste buds in anticipation!! The onions, as they roast, caramelise the other vegetables beautifully

 We sometimes eat this dish as per the recipe and on other times, add some quickly cooked pancetta or bacon at the end, tossing it with the feat and baby spinach. We also often add either steamed or quickly boiled broccolini or brussel sprouts halfway through the roasting to add a green vegetable – I have included this in the recipe

 You can add/vary the vegetables as you like but do ensure you have some root vegetables and red onion in the mix. There are no herbs in this dish- all the flavour comes from the vegetables roasting



1/4 to1/2 crown pumpkin – easily available at your supermarket. Cut into wedges, keeping skin on if you want

Approx. 6-700gms orange kumara – peeled and cut into rounds and longer pieces

3-4 red onions – cut into quarters

2 long red capsicum or standard capsicum – cut into rounds, not too small

5-600 gms parsnips (if you don’t like parsnips, don’t use them!)- peeled and cut into rounds and longer pieces

1 packet broccolini/long stem broccoli

1/2 packet of baby spinach…or as much as you like

Feta – half a packet or more. You can use goat cheese if you prefer

Optional – 1 packet pancetta/ approx. 200 gms streaky bacon

Olive oil

Salt and cracked pepper

Standard French dressing


 Cooking instructions

  1. Preheat the oven to 230°C
  2. Place all the vegetables apart from the broccolini and spinach in a baking dish, spreading them out
  3. Add around 2 tbs olive oil, so that nearly all the vegetables have a small “touching” of the oil
  4. Mix around, add salt and pepper and place in oven for around 45 minutes
  5. While vegetables are cooking, steam a packet of broccolini for around 4 minutes. Remove and refresh under cold water. Add to roasting vegetables just over halfway through the cook
  6. If using pancetta/bacon, quickly cook until crisp just before the vegetables have finished their cook
  7. Take dish out of the oven and gently add the feta and pancetta (if using). Add the baby spinach

 To serve

 Have French dressing available, some will enjoy the dish as is and others may want to add a tad more olive oil. You could have a nice baguette or your favourite bread with this dish, up to you!

Simply enjoy!

Serves 4