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Seniors@work Chicken Salad du Chef

Seniors@work Chicken Salad du Chef


I actually feel embarrassed to categorise this as a recipe as it is a “cheat!” recipe as there is absolutely no cooking to be done – it’s simply some very simple ingredients that make a very simple lunch or summer dinner.

If it makes you feel better you could cook the chicken but for me, it’s so convenient to go and buy a whole chicken from your favourite supermarket

This dish also is ideal to take on a picnic or if you go out on a boat, as all you will have to do is pour on the dressing, serve and eat! Perfect especially in the warmer months


1 cooked roast chicken - I prefer a standard roast as opposed to a garlic chicken or stuffed chicken. Break up into good size pieces, using all the chicken, with meat removed from bones

1 punnet cherry tomatoes – cut in half or if small, left whole

1 long red capsicum (or 2 if you love capsicums), cut into rounds or strips, however you like them in a salad

Bag of your favourite salad leaves

Edam or gruyere cheese cut into approx.. 1cm squares – no min or max, as much as you feel like

Your favourite French dressing (refer below for a simple mix)

 That’s it!! If you like you can also add the following…

5-6 gherkins cut as you want

2 slices of thick ham (get the deli to cut the ham the thickness of ham steak) – diced into 2 cm slices


Simple French dressing

6 tbs olive oil

2-3 tbs Balsamic vinegar

1 tsp Dijon mustard

Good pinch cracked pepper

Pinch salt

Mix together thoroughly

Combine the ingredients, stirring thoroughly


Cooking instructions

No cooking, just assembling required! Enjoy!!


Serves 4