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Smoky chilli chicken burger with rocket, lemon mayo and ciabatta

Smoky chilli chicken burger with rocket, lemon mayo and ciabatta

This is a very simple yet tasty dish. Served on its own as a main with rocket, lemon mayo and bruschetta. This dish is good all year round and in the summer months, you can barbeque the chicken and capsicum and in the cooler months, simply use a frypan

 You don’t want to over-complicate a burger but that doesn’t mean that this dish isn’t packed with flavour!!

 This is one of Anna’s favourite meals and a real family pick



4 x approx. 200-250 gm chicken breasts -you can easily find the “smaller, skinnier” ones in your supermarket

4 tbs olive oil

2 tsp smoked paprika

1.5 tsp dried chilli flakes

Pinch of sea salt

1 packet of rocket leaves

2 long red capsicums - I like cutting them into long slices about 8 cms but you can cut them however you like, but not too small pieces

1/2 cup egg mayonnaise

2 tbs lemon juice

1 ciabatta loaf 


Cooking instructions

1 Trim chicken and cut into two pieces per breast

2 Mix the oil, paprika, dried chilli flakes and a pinch of salt together and pour over the chicken using a pastry brush – leave for around thirty minutes

3 Make lemon mayonnaise by thoroughly mixing the lemon juice and the mayo

4 Heat the barbeque to med/high and cook the chicken for 3-4 minutes each side or until cooked through. Alternatively this dish can just as easily be cooked in a non-stick frypan on medium to high (no additional oil is required)

5 Remove the chicken and allow to rest. Quickly cook the capsicum on a high heat using the oil and juices from cooking the chicken. Char to the level you desire. This should only take a couple of minutes

6 Cut the loaf into slices and brush or spray each side with olive oil - brown on the barbeque grill or in a toaster

7 Spread the lemon mayo onto the bruschetta, some rocket leaves and the chicken on top. Place more rocket, capsicum and lemon mayo on the side of the plate


Serves 4