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Spanish one pan dish with chicken, chorizo, beans and roast potato

Spanish one pan dish with chicken, chorizo, beans and roast potato

This is a simple, tasty and fun dish to cook and serve for dinner all year round. Yes there are a few steps, but all are simple and come together so well. If you like the flavours of chorizo, red capsicum and smoked paprika, you will enjoy this dish - apologies as there are no beans in the photo of the dish

I serve the dish in the large frypan that is used for most of the cooking – lovely colour mix with the green, red and yellow. When the cooking is finished, simply put the frypan on the dining table and serve directly from the pan

You can adjust the quantities of the ingredients as per what you like - this is a recipe of mine that started off with wanting to use up some food in the frig and pantry but tasted so good that we regularly eat it


Approx. 5-600 gms of chicken tenderloins – you could use breast or thighs cut into long strips if you prefer

1 packet of Verkerk’s chorizos (150 gms) – all supermarkets should have chorizos and you don’t have to use this brand

 1or 2 long red capsicums – 1 will suffice if not in season. Slice longways roughly into 5-6 cm long x 1cm wide strips

1 packet of green beans (250 gms)

Approx. 5-600 gms Agria potatoes or other potatoes that are suitable for roasting

2 good handfuls of baby spinach leaves

Olive oil

Smoked paprika


Cooking instructions

1 Prepare the potatoes and boil in a saucepan for 12 minutes. Drain and place in an oven baking tray, season with salt and pepper and olive oil and roast the potatoes for around 45 mins on 230 degrees on fan bake

2 Trim the green beans to the size you like (I prefer just the ends taken off so left long) and steam, or boil, for just 3 minutes. Freshen under a cold tap and set aside

3 Slice the chorizo into 1cm rounds and gently fry in a large fry pan with a very small amount of olive oil until starting to char/brown and place in bowl, leaving the oil in the pan

4 Gently cook the chicken through – if using tenderloin, this will only take a few minutes. They should easily brown in the chorizo oil. Remove and set aside with the chorizo

5 Turn up the heat to high, add a bit more olive oil and a good teaspoon of smoked paprika and quickly char the capsicum

6 Reduce the heat and add back the chicken, chorizo and green beans, and mix through for a minute or so

7 Remove the roast potatoes from the oven and add to the dish, again mixing through – add some more paprika if you like and season with salt and cracked pepper

Add the baby spinach leaves and gently mix through

Take the pan to your dining table and serve


Serves 4